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Striving For A Learned Society
Striving For A Learned Society
Striving For A Learned Society

Our School

Creating a Respectful and Peaceful School
Our students are very respectful. This leads to a peaceful school climate. Visitors to our school will frequently notice students demonstrating respectful mannerisms, greeting adults in our building and being courteous. As well, our building conveys a sense of warmth, generosity and enthusiasm as children, parents and staff are eager to smile and make all those who enter our school feel welcome.

Student Academic Success/Pride
We are committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for our students. Our motto, Working Hard to Be Our Best!, suggests an important element of education. It reflects the effort we encourage each of our students to put into his or her learning. We take pride in working hard to motivate each student to do his or her best. Our Staff is also dedicated to doing their best. Working together with students and parents, we strive to ensure that each individual student has the opportunity to develop to their full potential.